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Would You Like A 10 lbs Weight Loss Over Summer?

Would you like a 10 pound weight loss over the summer?

It is absolutely doable!

A healthy weight loss is between 1 and 2 pounds per week so if you are losing more than that, you are losing muscle. If you are just starting out and you’re overweight, that first week you may lose 5 pounds. This can seem exciting but a lot of it is water weight. (This is how most fad diets or hyped up fitness program reel you in. Read more about fad diets here.) The summer is about three months long (12 weeks). You can do this!

Lose 10 lbs over summer Shape It Up

Obviously, you need to work out so make sure you have great workouts lined up. This time of year is the perfect time of year to take your workout outside! I have a great workout for you that you can download today. It’s a workout on a swing set so if you have kids or grandkids and you’re taking them to the park, guess who gets to play on the playground with the kids? You!

Lose 10 lbs over summer Shape It Up

Whether you are working or whether you have off, take a break in the middle of the afternoon. Put yourself in time out! Go take a walk, do some yoga moves, do some stretches, anything to decompress. I am a big fan of listening to *and books on tape or even music to keep me going. Try to take 15 minutes to a half hour, relax your mind and go for a nice little walk in nature, or if you’re stuck in a building, walk around the building to destress.

*Shape It Up is not affiliated with Audible. Just sharing because I like their stuff 😉

Lose 10 lbs over summer Shape It Up

Tip #3 Veg It Up!

Add vegetables to each meal. Hopefully you are eating a minimum of three. I personally eat a lot of meals (5-6 meals a day) so depending on how many meals you eat, (try to aim for at least three meals) make sure they mainly consist of vegetables. Fresh vegetables are perfect this time of year so go visit your local farmers market.

Lose 10 lbs over summer Shape It Up

Put a bathing suit on every day and take pictures in your bathing suit. (I know…I know…it might be painful but the first set is really seeing where you are. THEN you need to figure out where to go ;-). Take a front picture, a side picture and a back picture. Set your phone timer and let the picture roll. Maybe your goal is more physique-oriented (it’s not a vanity thing), that’s totally fine, or maybe you just want to fit into a certain pair of pants. Put those pants on, take a picture in them and do that as often as you can. I really think it will help you stay on track.

If you really want to go crazy, take a photo in your bikini and see how it affects you. If it starts affecting you mentally, don’t beat yourself up over it, just use it as motivation to keep propelling forward.

If you would like help propelling your fitness forward, go ahead and click here.

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