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Ideal program for those wanting private mentorship to lose weight for the last time – COMPLETE GAME CHANGER!

6-Month Partnership Program

Supportive, Empowering, Collaborative

I partner with women over 40 who are ready to realize their full potential, live a life of great meaning, all while living in a body they love…

I often witness women who are giving from an empty cup.  They feel exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious which hugely impacts on their ability to lose weight. They are on a constant treadmill they do not know how to get off of. They are haunted by perfectionism, compromising their values at every turn, and frequently frustrated and confused. They have become disconnected from themselves because they are serving everyone but themselves and are feeling powerless to find THEIR core. They are also often conflicted because they know they deserve more.  For many women as they age their preoccupation with their disappointment with their bodies is rampant!

Sound familiar? And here is the irony, they keep trying and trying even in the face of all of this!

The One-To-One Private Weight loss For Women Over 40 Coaching Program is a supportive, empowering, and collaborative program that manages your reinvention.  The program is not only about achieving your weight loss goal but teaching you how to re-engineer your mindset for the purposes of sustaining the change long term.

One-To-One Private Coaching supports you in developing the understanding, knowledge, and skillsets you need to achieve YOUR desired results through the power of intuitive questions and insightful observation. The program is custom designed to meet your specific needs and goals, enabling you to emerge as a more confident women that feels in control and ready to reach your fullest potential.

The program is designed specifically to empower women in mid-life.  I will assist with you to develop evolve your consciousness, grounded in your own insight about you, that will enable you to create an environment that seeks the highest good for all, including yourself.

The Coaching program is delivered weekly in 45-minute sessions for a 6-month period (24 sessions), 9-month period (36 sessions), 12-month period (52 sessions), along with a customized workout program designed specifically for you and the results you desire.

Each session builds on the previous as you work through the pillars, foundations, and outcomes unique to the ‘Re-Engineer Your Mind : Re-Engineer Your Body’ methodology to create your own results.


If you are over 40 and feel frustrated by not losing weight then you are in the right place.  Imagine a program specifically designed to address your unique dynamics. 

  • Learn how to transform your health to access limitless energy
  • Learn how to get off the diet hamster wheel for good
  • Learn how to let go of perfectionism
  • Learn how to honor walking your values
  • Learn how to trust and get crystal clear on what you ACTUALLY need to do.
  • Learn how to connect with your body
  • Learn how to put the oxygen mask on yourself first
  • Learn how to feeling powerful and centered
  • Learn how to create and honor healthy boundaries
  • Learn how to connect with your source to get you into the slipstream
  • Learn how to tap into your internal GPS system
  • Learn how to give up the excuses and improve their relationship to resilience, discipline, and integrity
  • Learn how to have a breakthrough with, “weight plateauing”
  • Learn how to achieve the ideal weight and keep it off
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