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You are a woman over 40

who has struggled to lose weight...

That stops HERE. feel frustrated on where to start, what to do, how to implement?

IMAGINE an entire day focused on you and your needs. 

VIP days are designed as a deep immersion experience for those wanting to fast track results!



1 Day Experience

With Nicole Simonin


You need a VIP Day for...

VIP Days just get you there FASTER.
Imagine how it would feel to walk away from the VIP Experience armed with crystal clear clarity on not only what to do but how to implement the changes you desire?
When you gain these things, it increases your execution of the overall plan to lose weight for the last time!

How do you know if a VIP Day is for you?

If you answer YES to any of these questions:

✓ You have tried every known dieters regime and have had enough

✓ You want to fit into your clothes in your wardrobe again

✓ You want to feel great about your body when you look in the mirror

✓ You want to be the healthiest you have ever been

✓ You want to experience intimacy with your partner again

✓ You want to feel free in your body


Imagine having a VIP Experience solely focused on you & YOUR needs

That's exactly what a VIP Day with me will get you!

Private Mentoring With Nicole Simonin  + 90 Day Personalized Follow Through Plan Post 1 Day Experience + Mindset Tools & Techniques

Working with me in a group program is great...

but a for those that want a personalized assessment of what your body is trying to tell you, the VIP 1 Day Experience may be your preference

We can explore what has been hindering you to date to experiencing a body you love in ONE DAY!

Imagine getting the VIP Treatment of how to:

  •  REDISCOVER your moxie
  •  REWIRE your conditioning and
  •  REINTEGRATE your mindset
  •  To Re-Engineer Your Mind to Re-Engineer Your Body
Are you a mom who has never lost your baby fat?


Are you a powerful executive woman who runs fast and everything you have tried to lose weight has failed?


Are you a woman who’s struggled with menopause/thyroid/adrenal issues & more?
Anything is possible with the VIP 1 Day experience

What does a VIP 1 Day Experience with Nicole look like?

What You’ll Get:

Do a self assessment audit of your unique dynamics.
Talk about how long the dynamic has been running and what we can do to completely alter your future image of yourself.
Address the metabolic imbalances with your body and design your unique plan.
Look at what needs to be re-engineered mindset wise to re-engineer your body.
Unearth your issues relating to self love, self worth, self value.
Get support to change your self talk
Work together to prepare for the next 90 days post the 1 day to actively make the changes to reinvent your current reality.

Are you ready to stop thinking and talking about losing weight and are you ready to have things happen?

Complete and submit the application below to see how we can help you lose weight and keep it off!

VIP Day Application

You just need a plan to know WHAT to do and exactly HOW and WHEN to do it

✓ You need a 90-Day action plan COMPLETELY mapped out for you to execute 

✓ You're looking to create your game plan in ONE DAY.  

Please take a minute to complete the form below so we can learn more about you and see how we can best help you create a solid foundation for an transformational journey of reinvention.  Please make sure to give as much explanation as possible.


Please Read: 

My VIP Day is not ideal for those not willing to do the work.  You need to be ready to deep dive and make the necessary changes.

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